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Case Erector

Case Erector Lidder

Random Case Sealer

Snap Lock Case Closer

Tight Pack Case Strapper


Pulp Fiber Tray Denester

SIMS Tapehead

Pad Inserter

Case Erector with Optional HSC Lid Folder

Newtech/C-Pack Mesh Bagger

SIMS PolyBagger

PolyBagger Mesh/Poly Bags

—Full Size, Full Length Videos—
Note: These Videos are large and should only be attempted with a Broadband Connection.

·Soft Fill Semi-Automatic PolyBagger (95mb)
New PolyBagger compared side by side with older technology

·Cherry Case Sealer (57mb)
Fully Automatic Random Sealer

·Soft Fill PolyBagger (84mb)
SIMS PolyBagger running Golden Delicious Apples

·Dual Post Case Turner (23mb)
Simple, Effective Case Turning

·C-Pack/Newtech Mesh Bagger (68mb)
3lb.Granny Smith Apples in Mesh Bags at 23 Bags per min.

·Case Erector–Erecting RSC's (31mb)
Model ER-1600 Erector

·Case Erector with Lidder–Erecting HSC's (30mb)
Model ER-1800 Erector/Lidder

·Random Case Sealer (41mb)
Model T-750 Random Sealer

·Integrated Packaging Line (22mb)
Model ER-1600 Erector, SIMS Case Packer and Model T-400 Uniform Sealer

·Top Pad Inserter and Random Case Sealer (35mb)
Model Pad-100 and Model T-660 Random Sealer

·Snap Lock Random Case Closer (24mb)
Model SN-100

·Trayformer (15mb)
Model TF-100

·Rowe Farms Packing Line (65mb)
90º Box Pusher, T-660 Random Sealer, SIMS Tight Packer with RQ-8Y StraPack Strapper and Slautterback Pallet Stabilizing Gluer

·Case Erector with Lidder–Erecting HSC's (22mb)
Optional Fold mechanisim for opposite hand HSC Lids

·Pulp Fiber Tray Denester (22mb)
Model MS-7

·Continuous Motion Waxer (24mb)
SIMS Fruit Wax Applicator

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