Case Erectors
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Like most of SIMS' machinery the SIMS Case Erectors were originally designed to handle the demanding needs of the Washington Fruit Industry. SIMS' Case Erectors were often running 24 hours a day; 7 days a week throughout extended fruit harvests. Fruit packing is not only demanding it is also a highly time sensitive activity-any machinery downtime could produce disastrous results. Consistent & Reliable Performance has proven SIMS as the machinery of choice for most of the Washington Fruit Industry.

SIMS' Case Erectors are easy to load, simple to operate, simple to maintain, and built to perform long into the future. The model ER-1600 will produce more than 9500* cases each 8 hour shift without breaks, vacations, or sick leave. Your facility is most likely ready for an industrial strength SIMS Case Erector if you require flexibility, speed, reliability, and durability in any of your packaging equipment.

*based on a typical output of 20 Cases per minute.

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